surface tension: the construction of a pose

Florence, Italy, 2007

In this study, outside the Duomo in Florence, I was  interested in the photographic pose as a unique, bound structure,  temporarily erected according to systematic parameters amid the relative  nomadic nature of tourist wanderings. The photographic event, meant to  serve the purpose of capturing a two-dimensional image of the person(s)  with the likely intent of conveying the image to others in the future,  is laden with ethno-psycho-social meaning.

The unique structure of the photographic pose  becomes apparent both across social space – the posing structure in  contrast to the concurrent ”disorder” of the ambient milieu – and over  time – as the pose dissolves back into the stream of life and the human  walks free of those additional constraints momentarily acting upon her.

View the entire analysis and photo-documentation:

Surface Tension: The Construction of a Pose [pdf, including 21 images; 2.66Mb]


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